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Looking for some miracles? Reflecting on Mark 8:14-21, why did the disciples so quickly forget the miracles they had witnessed? Here’s how to build your faith by experiencing a miracle every day!

Video Excerpt:

Jesus is with us, filling the gaps to provide what it is that we forgot or we just under-prepared for or we’re just overwhelmed and we didn’t know what we needed to do it. Jesus fills in more than enough overly abundant whatever it is we need…

We need to grow in our trust of God, that even when we make mistakes, even if we under-prepare for something, he wants us to do that. He understands that if we’re trying our best, or even if we don’t try our best, even if we sin but if we repent and say, “Oh we did that wrong. Whoops, the Lord was trying to get me ready for this and I did not listen and I didn’t didn’t prepare properly,” God still fills in the gaps. Jesus is the Redeemer….

When I got laid off from my job a few years ago, I was worried, “How am I gonna support the mortgage?” We have Terry’s parents living with us, and we’ve got these bills and I’ve never enough bread to pay the bills. I had a little bit of a severance package, and it was a tough time trying to find a job. But God arranged it so, just as my severance package was running out, he lined me up with another job.

I don’t trust very well. I see things and I forget them. I hear stuff I forget it.

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