Terry and Ralph discuss what Mercy really means. If you feel bad about yourself because you’re not perfect, be sure to tune in! This episode of Good News for Today is based on Luke 6:36-38.

Video Excerpt:

I know I have problems in feeling people’s mercy towards me and feeling people’s forgiveness, and a lot of times I condemn myself.

Let me ask you a question. Think of what you’ve done recently — a sin that you’ve committed. Do you feel God’s compassion in that? Do you feel his mercy in that? Or are you afraid of his punishment? Now also think of something that’s not a sin but was a failure of some sort….

The reason why we so easily condemn others and withhold mercy from them is because we feel like it’s being withheld from us. You know, if we don’t really understand the compassion that God has for us when we make mistakes, when we fail, and when we sin — if we don’t understand God’s mercy for us, then we do not understand how to give that mercy to others.

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