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The Good News Show

On this page: How to Hear the Holy Spirit

Your host, Terry Modica, says, “I’m often asked, ‘How can I hear the Holy Spirit better?’ and ‘How does one have a personal relationship with the Holy Spirit?’ and ‘How can I know the difference between the Holy Spirit’s voice and my own imagination?’

Many people are praying for miracles and wondering why they feel so powerless with their prayers. The answer is: We need the power of the Holy Spirit. For that, we need a close, lively relationship with the Holy Spirit.”

This 15-part series is not for everybody. It’s designed for those who have a real desire to grow stronger in faith and make a bigger difference in the world as a result of this growth.

This is also a video course with reflection questions found at Transcripts are available for download there.

Also available:

The Good News Show helps you live your best faith. Included are series with 5 to 6 minutes of inspirational teachings designed to uplift you and strengthen your resolve to depend on God in all the challenges of life.

How to Hear the Holy Spirit

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