Sewing Hope in Hearts by a Fuller Experience of Eucharist

Bill Snyder and Anne DeSantis of Sewing Hope interview Terry Modica Questions include: “We know that you came into the Church through a conversion of the Eucharist. So, that has to be so close to your heart, right? That’s just such a profound, beautiful truth that you got to experience […] Read More

The Miracles that Started Good News Ministries

Terry Modica interviewed by Dominic D'Souza of SmartCatholics

Dominic de Souza of SmartCatholics interviews Terry Modica In this interview, Terry Modica talks about how she felt drawn as a child to follow in her Protestant father’s footsteps to become a minister. But that was a misinterpretation of the calling that God had placed on her life. Her story jumps […] Read More

The Longer It Takes, the Greater the Glory

Christina Semmens of “Say Yes to Holiness” interviews Terry Modica What have you been praying for — for a long time? Even if it’s been many years, that does not mean that your prayers are not being answered. It just means that you’re carrying the Cross with Jesus. The longer […] Read More

St. Raymond Nonnatus Foundation Interviews Terry Modica

Anne DeSantis, Director of the St. Raymond Nonnatus Foundation, interviewed Terry Modica on January 14, 2021. In this fascinating discussion, Terry shares her personal conversion story and how the Blessed Mother founded Good News Ministries. Terry and Anne also talk about the occult and about Saint Joseph and how he […] Read More

Secret agendas to destroy families

Terry Modica joins the Sewing Hope podcast show, produced by Bill Snyder and Anne DeSantis, to expose the secret agendas of satanists regarding families and the role of fatherhood — and our role in defeating evil. We discuss answering the call to do important work for the Kingdom of God […] Read More