Dominic de Souza of SmartCatholics interviews Terry Modica

In this interview, Terry Modica talks about how she felt drawn as a child to follow in her Protestant father’s footsteps to become a minister. But that was a misinterpretation of the calling that God had placed on her life. Her story jumps to becoming Catholic as a young adult and getting involved in lots of parish ministries. Watch this video to hear about the miraculous ways that God led her and her husband Ralph to found Good News Ministries of Tampa Bay and become the ministers that God intended them to be.

At the end of this 15-minute interview, Dominic, who is the founder of SmartCatholics and a faith-filled entrepreneur, asks Terry to share the one message that she would like the viewers to know regarding how God can work in amazing ways in their lives too. What do you think her answer might be?


SmartCatholics Mastermind is a live series to meet the minds and hearts of the creators, the leaders and hosts of the events and content posted on SmartCatholics. They devote their time and talent to mastering their vocation, so that you can live a fuller life faster!

The world needs who you are. And Terry Modica of Good News Ministries is here to assure you of this truth.

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