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Do you know how deeply God the Father cherishes you? Can you feel him doting on you? We’ve all had human fathers whose imperfections tainted our image of God the Father. In this episode, Terry Modica shares the story of how she met the Father after growing up without him. Then she will lead you into a closer relationship with him through the Litany of the Father’s Heart.



God the Father dotes on us. God the Father wants to have a very intimate relationship with us. As I was growing up, Jesus was the one that I felt I could have that with. The Father was the one I really didn’t want much to do with because I was afraid of him. When I became an adult, I had a spiritual director who helped me meet the true Father God.

She led me through a meditation – a visualization – in which Jesus, whom I felt close to and safe with— Jesus led me into the throne room of God the Father…. I saw God the Father and felt God the Father pull me close to his heart – my head resting upon his heart, like a human father.

You can go through a similar visualization. Do it by first asking the Holy Spirit to anoint your imagination and then asking Jesus to go with you. Start with Jesus. Start with visualizing what Jesus looks like. Start visualizing him smiling at you and holding his hand out to you to safely bring you to the Father.

Well, after this visualization was finished, my life was never the same. I felt like a truly beloved child of God the Father. And that relationship has been growing ever since. That happened when I was a young adult. Many years have passed since then. Every year, every day, God the Father is with me, and my relationship with him is growing. The intimacy is growing….

What we need to know better is the doting side of God, the loving side of God that cares for us more than we can imagine. And we need to expand our imagination to get it, i.e. to really understand who God the Father really is for us. So I’d like to share with you a prayer. I’m going to read through it once, and then I’m going to read through it a second time, unpacking it. Okay? Ready? It’s called The Litany of the Father’s Heart.

Father, First Person of the Most Holy Trinity,
      Thank you for creating me to be your beloved child….

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