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What do you think God might be telling us – and the whole world – right now in this time in our history? What healing messages does God want to get through to everybody in all the craziness that’s going on? I believe he has three extremely important messages: one for your personal relationship with Christ, one regarding your family, and one about your faith community.



God’s trying to get our attention. He’s trying to get the whole world’s attention. What do you think he’s trying to say in all of the difficulties and the challenges, the locking up of our churches because we can’t go near each other, being quarantined in our homes, and all the other effects that the pandemic is having on us? The economic effects? The effect that fear is having on us? The hardships it’s causing to businesses and maybe our own income? And of course, being worried about our health and the health of our loved ones?

And then there’s the rioting that’s going on. It just seems like one thing after another. As the pandemic starts to calm down and the restrictions start to ease up, the rioting explodes out. This too shall pass, but what’s going to come next?

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Joan Rodrigues
June 14, 2021 8:01 am

Sister Terry, thank you for your real-life example that you shared where in you couldn’t stop your tears because of a deep-seated wound years before long and the inner healing visualization you shared, also about the trigger points. What a learning experience! Ty. All glory to God.