What Happens When
We Are Nailed to the Cross of Christ

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Now we’re going look at what it means to be nailed to the Cross with Jesus. This is when we’re unable to reach out to those that we want to help: those we want to speak the truth to, whom we want to rescue, whom we want to give love to. We can’t reach out to them because they have nailed our hands. We can’t make any progress because they have nailed our feet.

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Video Excerpt:

We want to make a difference, but we don’t have the power to do it because they have nailed us to the Cross of Jesus stripping us of that power. What we can do, which no one can stop us from doing, is to love. Love with the love of Jesus. And forgive. No one can keep us from forgiving them. Only we stop ourselves from being merciful and forgiving. We love them with the love of Jesus because we are united to him in his Passion, in his suffering, in his crucifixion. Eventually, it will also lead to the resurrection of those that we’ve been suffering for. They will have witnessed the love that doesn’t die. They will have witnessed Jesus’ love for them by the way we treat them. This eventually makes a difference.

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