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In Matthew 18:21-35, Jesus makes it clear how important is to be forgiving. Then why is it so hard to forgive? Here are 3 reasons why — and what we can do about them. At the end, Ralph gives an easy step forward you can do in the power of God.

Video Excerpt:

There’s a dialogue between Jesus and Peter, and Peter’s like, “Hey, how many times do I have to forgive?” We’re all told time and time again we’re supposed to forgive. But very often we have a lot of trouble learning how to forgive.

That’s what we want to talk about this morning. We’ve learned it, but we don’t will it, because we’re waiting for our feelings to catch up with the idea. We know in our head that we need to forgive everyone all the time. If we’ve been listening to Jesus, if we know anything about Scriptures, we know that we are called to be forgiving. But to do it from our heart, we expect there to be feelings because we think of our heart as a place of feelings, but it’s not.

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