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God loves you with all His heart, all His soul, all His mind, and all His strength! Knowing this makes it easier to love Him with all your whole heart, soul, mind, and strength, and to love others, too, as yourself. Based on Mark 12:28-31.

Video Excerpt:

God loves you with his whole heart, with his whole soul, with his whole mind, and with his whole strength. When we know how much God loves us — with his whole heart, he wholeheartedly loves you. His compassion for you is perfect; it’s complete. With his whole soul, his whole spirit, with all his being, with all of his mind — everything that he knows about the universe, everything he knows about our lives, our future, the problems that we’re encountering, the problems we will encounter, the people and everything else going on in our lives. He knows all these things, and he loves us with all of that. And with his whole strength, all of his power — he loves you with all of his power.

We need to get a hold of that. We need to understand that.

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