Shouldn’t miracles of healing be more common today? In this episode of Good News for Today, based on John 4:46-53, Ralph and Terry Modica deal with the question of why Jesus healed so readily in scripture but he is not answering ALL our prayers for healing today.

Video Excerpt:

As Ralph and I were reflecting on John 4:46-53 this morning, the question that occurred to us is: Jesus healed this man, right? This man’s son, and all the guy had to do was to ask. Ask with faith, of course. And my question is: Why don’t we see that happening every time somebody prays for someone else’s healing today? The father was doing intercessory prayer. When we do intercessory prayer for others, we hope, we trust that God is going to provide the miracle that’s needed.

At Good News Ministries on our website and on Facebook [and on Telegram], we have prayer rooms where people post prayer requests. And we have a whole prayer network which you can join if you’d like. We’d certainly like to have you in the network of people praying for those who post these prayer requests. And we do see miracles happen there.

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