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How can we know when to speak the truth boldly and when to keep quiet? Especially on matters of Christian faith, salvation through Jesus Christ, and moral values! In John 5:31-47, we are challenged by Jesus’ example of speaking truth boldly, without regard for personal consequences. And yet, elsewhere in scripture he warns us to not cast pearls before swine. How do we figure out when is it time to speak up boldly and when is it time to remain quiet, speaking the truth only with our actions? Here are three ways we typically handle this challenge; only one of these ways is the way of Christ.

Video Excerpt:

Show them what God is like. Show them how Jesus would behave towards them. Give them words of scripture … don’t use the Word of God as a sword. Although, scripture does say the Word is a two-edged sword but it’s the Holy Spirit who wields that sword. We need to know when that person that we’re talking to is ready for the Holy Spirit to sink the truth deep into them. And we need to know when they’re receptive for it. That is tricky; we don’t always know what’s inside of them. We don’t know whether their lives are ready or not, and we want them to be ready to hear the truth.

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