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Lent is meant for growing in holiness by repenting of our sins, but many of us are reluctant to face our sins because we simply don’t know that God the Father is cheering us on, like a Doting Daddy who sees the best in us. This Lent, take a journey that leads to a wonderfully close relationship with God the Father. Learn to see him as he really is. Know the joy that he feels for you.

This episode is an edited recording of a live presentation to the Hearts on Fire prayer group, Springfield, Virginia, on March 1, 2022.





What I want to give to you is for – at the end of Lent – for you to have a closer relationship with God the Father than you have right now. We usually think of Lent as a journey with Jesus, right? …

All that Jesus went through was for what purpose? To redeem us, to get us into Heaven. He went through everything – all of his Passion, all of his suffering, his whole ministry – he went through that to bring us to the Father. Right? How many times did he say, “When you see me, you see the Father”? And he taught us to pray, “Our Father, who art in Heaven.”

Our relationship with God the Father: Jesus wants it to be as good as his relationship with God the Father was. Jesus wants us to know the Father’s love. Jesus is introducing us to God the Father. Jesus is taking us through the Lenten journey, through the healing process, through the purification and penance process, through everything that we go through this Lent.

God the Father really wants us to know him better than we ever have before – because he’s our Daddy! He wants to be our doting Daddy. He wants us to climb up onto his lap when we’re feeling insecure about any of this stuff going on in the world or in our family or in our health. He wants us to be able to climb up onto his lap and be held by him and be aware that he’s holding us, like a Daddy rocking us in a rocking chair.

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