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Want to know the hidden key to receiving miraculous healing? Here’s what I discovered after my knee became chronically painful. It’s not really about finding relief from pain. The miracle of healing is a bonus, a secondary benefit. There’s something much more important that God wants to give you.

Video excerpt:

My right knee was telling me, “Wait. Stop! You’ve got something wrong going on here. You’ve got the beginning of arthritis here. The bones are are hurting. The muscles are weak. You know, this is a bad situation here. You’re gonna have this problem for the rest of your life. You’re getting old.” Well, I didn’t accept the fact that I had to grow old with this knee problem. So when I got home, I bought an exercise bike….

The pain was so much that when I went to Mass and it was time to kneel, I couldn’t kneel because it was just too painful. So I kinda-sorta kneeled on just the left knee…. So, much time went on, and I keep praying and praying and praying for a healing, a complete miraculous healing of my knee. Eventually, I got impatient — a holy impatience. I said, you know what? This is keeping me from kneeling before the Lord.

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