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The key to successful Christian living is know the answer to: “How important am I, and why? What’s my purpose?” What are your dreams? What are God’s dreams for you? In this video, Terry Modica will help you figure that out. Consider: What impassions you? What energizes you? You have been chosen by Christ to be empowered by the Spirit! But — for what?

This video is a 12-minute sample of a Parish Retreat on the Apostolate of the Laity. For information on bringing this to your community, see

Video Excerpt:

What’s your dreams? What gives you purpose for your daily life? Let me read to you what Jesus’s dream is. This comes from Matthew, Chapter 9. The very end of that chapter starting with verse 37. He says, “The harvest is abundant but the laborers are few. So (he said to his disciples) ask the master of the harvest to send out laborers for his harvest.”

That’s Jesus’s dream still: that there are enough laborers to reap the harvest that the Holy Spirit is busy producing, touching people’s lives, touching people’s hearts, touching people’s souls to bring them to Christ and to journey them to heaven.

Each of us who are followers of Christ are called to continue the mission of Christ. So with that in mind let me ask you again: What are your dreams? What purpose did God create you for? Because that’s his dream for you. And none of our dreams make sense. None of them are ever satisfying enough unless we are living the dream that God created us for, the dream that God has for us. So let me ask you. What impassions you? What energizes you? That’s the Holy Spirit’s energy within you.

God gave you a unique set of gifts and talents, experiences, interests, personality traits, something that makes you uniquely able to do what Christ wants to do in the world that he can only do through your particular sets of gifts and talents and everything else that is making you unique. What makes me unique is different than what makes you unique.

Anything that feels frustrating to us, that makes us feel like we’re not fulfilling our purpose, or we don’t know what our purpose is, it’s because we are not aware yet of our particular calling, of our particular purpose. And so that’s what I would hope to get across to you today — is just how important you are.

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