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Does Jesus seem absent? He’s not. “Listen to Jesus, listen with your heart.” What breakthrough from earthly limitations and inadequacies are you yearning for? What problems seem hopeless? What prayers are still unanswered? In frustration and fear, we feel like we’re on the outside looking in at the abundances that other sheep have.

What talents would you like to use, but for which there’s been no opportunity? What calling has God given you, in which others have shut the door on you? Jesus is your open gate. He will give you new opportunities that you cannot even imagine now.

When a holy desire seems to have no outlet, instead of complaining or quitting, we must look for the gate that Jesus is opening. The thieves that come to steal and slaughter can only grab us when we take our eyes off of Jesus. And remember, they’re not as powerful as they pretend to be. They do not speak the truth.

Keep your eyes on Jesus, little lamb, and listen…..

Performed by Robert Metivier. Photos by Terry Modica.

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