The Power of God

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The power of God is much bigger than we can imagine. This power is available through the Catholic Mass. How well we celebrate the Mass affects our connectivity to the Holy Spirit.

Video Excerpt:

When we’re in church, the Eucharist — the power of God that turns bread and wine into the actual Body and Blood of Jesus and the fullness of the presence of Jesus, the power that is in the Word that is preached, the Word that is read in Scripture and preached in the homily, the Word who is Jesus, the power that is in that Word — is bigger than our lives. It is bigger than our imagination, and it is bigger than the universe….

What else is happening in Mass that is unleashing the power of God? The Penitential Rite in which we put aside our sins, and we ask God to purify us and to make us holy. The receiving of Jesus in Communion; we’re receiving all the power of God in that. So why don’t we leave church changed? Why don’t we leave church going out and laying hands on people and praying and receiving miracles? Because we are seeing everything boxed in by our little world, and because we are not doing all we can to open ourselves up to the almighty power of God.

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