Do you feel hurt? Misunderstood? Abandoned and alone? Is something or someone missing from your life? Are you ready for healing? Do you know who it is that cares about you most?

Will you let him embrace you? Will you turn to him? He’s waiting for you!

This music video will speak to your heart and soul.

The song is “I Am Waiting For You” by Elyse O’Kane, from her CD “With All My Heart” (used by permission). Performed by Father Tim Hepburn, Vocations Director of the Atlanta Archdiocese.

The painting of Jesus with his arms open wide, his expression showing how much he cares about you, is entitled “Come Unto Me” by Nancy Lee Moran (used by permission).

The painting of the woman who touched the hem of Jesus’ garments is by artist Sherry Phillips, a member of Good News Ministries for many years.

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