When Disaster Hits, Find God

When disaster hits, find God

A Rosary Podcast When a disaster hits us, or when we witness destruction hitting the lives of other people, it’s normal to wonder: “Where is God? Why didn’t he prevent this?” More than just the recitation of the Rosary, which you can join in with Ralph and Terry Modica (founders […] Read More

The Victorious Life

the victorious life

Michael Snellen of Catholicism for the Modern World interviews Terry Modica In this excerpt from the podcast show Catholicism for the Modern World, host Michael Snellen and the author/founder of Good News Ministries of GNM.org, Terry Modica, discuss how to live the victorious life when today’s world makes it so […] Read More

How the Virgin Mary Founded Good News Ministries

statue of Blessed Virgin Mary

Michael Snellen of Catholicism for the Modern World interviews Terry Modica Good News Ministries of Tampa Bay was founded because of a challenging message and a visitation by the Virgin Mary. Listen to Terry Modica tell the story of how she and her husband Ralph unexpectedly moved to Florida only […] Read More

How parents can keep their children in church

parents keeping their children in the Catholic Faith with the Rosary

Ellen Mongan, the host of WOW MOM podcasts, interviews Terry Modica Ellen and Terry discuss faith, family and God’s faithfulnesss. What can parents today do to keep their children in the Church? Especially during the rebellious teenager years and young adulthood when they leave the home nest and become surrounded […] Read More

Two stories of healing from father wounds

sad girl longing for her father's love

Melanie Herschorn of “AUTHORity Marketing Live!” interviews Terry Modica In this interview, Terry shares two stories from her life that healed her from father wounds and helped her reach her full potential as a treasured daughter of the Most High Father God. Can you imagine it? She says, “My husband […] Read More