Michael Snellen of Catholicism for the Modern World interviews Terry Modica

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In this excerpt from the podcast show Catholicism for the Modern World, host Michael Snellen and the author/founder of Good News Ministries of GNM.org, Terry Modica, discuss how to live the victorious life when today’s world makes it so difficult. We need to be bold in our faith, and it is the Holy Spirit who makes it possible. They also talk about building a close personal relationship with all three Persons of the Holy Trinity: God the Father, Jesus in the Eucharist, and the Holy Spirit. Terry tells the story of how her Guardian Angel helps her know what the Holy Spirit tells her.

This video is an excerpt from Michael Snellen’s podcast episode on The Victorious Life and Vitalizing the Body of Christ; for the full interview, see below.

About Michael Snellen:

Michael founded Catholicism for the Modern World because: “We our a company that arose out of the Church’s great need for disciples in this new age of the internet. Truly, it is a new age for evangelization. Using the power of today’s technology, we have connected hundreds of Catholic creators together — writers, videomakers, artists, and musicians — to bring you state of the art content that shines as a light in this dark age. Let us pick up where Bl. Carlo Acutis left off!”

Visit his website @ catholicismforthemodernworld.com.

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See Terry’s podcast show:

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Orville Raposo
July 28, 2023 11:16 am

Love without discipline is not complete love. Love that disciplines is authentic love. Authentic love includes discipline. If we say we love someone we must not shy away from a word of discipline
It is not possible to live a life of faith without a life of prayer.