What’s God doing in today’s evil world?

Here’s an excellent video that answers the question, “What is God doing in today’s evil world?” — from a prophetic perspective. A new season of Footsteps to Heaven will begin soon. While you wait, take a look at this video, produced by Renewal Ministries. I believe it’s very important to […] Read More

Nothing Can Keep Me From Your Love

New Zealand sheep

This beautiful song will heal your heart and help you feel the love of Jesus. It was composed and recorded by Helen Funnell, Terry’s friend in New Zealand who was the president of Dove Ministry for Women when I gave three retreats there in 2010. Photos by Terry Modica; Sunrise […] Read More

The Hidden Value of Persistent Prayer

What yearning do you have that you’ve been covering in prayer for a very long time? Should you quit praying it, as a sign of your trust in God? No, Jesus says we should persist in it. Faith means persistent prayer. Why? The answer is in Luke 18 and Luke […] Read More

Our Lady of Miracles Virtual Shrine for Prayer & Meditation

Our Lady of Miracles invites you to come to the Virtual Marian Shrine of Good News Ministries. Entrust your prayers to Jesus through the loving partnership of Mary, our Blessed Mother. Use this video and the music in it as a background for your Christian meditations while you watch the […] Read More