Surviving Grief – My Soul Shall Be Healed

Here is Terry Modica’s first public discussion of how she is surviving the unexpected passing of her husband Ralph. Podcaster and Catholic evangelist Ellen Mongan covers with Terry the difference that Jesus makes during grief, especially in the Eucharist. This video is an excerpt from Ellen Mongan’s show, Go Tell […] Read More

WCAT TV presents: Terry Modica on her book “My Soul Shall Be Healed”

In this episode of Author to Author on WCAT Radio, host Dr. Cynthia Toolin-Wilson announces to the world that Terry’s book My Soul Shall Be Healed has been republished by En Route Books and Media as a workbook. We discuss Pope Saint John Paul II, his encyclical on the Eucharist, […] Read More

God the Father As You Never knew Him

God the Father as you never knew him

What do you think God the Father is really like? I guarantee he is much better as a Daddy who really cares about you – much better than you think he is. In this episode, I’ll share with you some key ways of really getting to know God the Father […] Read More

The Victorious Life

the victorious life

Michael Snellen of Catholicism for the Modern World interviews Terry Modica In this excerpt from the podcast show Catholicism for the Modern World, host Michael Snellen and the author/founder of Good News Ministries of, Terry Modica, discuss how to live the victorious life when today’s world makes it so […] Read More

Sit With Mary: A Marian Meditation

Pray with Terry Modica in a Marian meditation about the challenging times in the life of the Blessed Mother Mary when she trusted God. In this video, we ask Mary for the grace that we need for trusting God in our difficulties.  Video Excerpt: I would like to share […] Read More