Sit With Mary: A Marian Meditation

Pray with Terry Modica in a Marian meditation about the challenging times in the life of the Blessed Mother Mary when she trusted God. In this video, we ask Mary for the grace that we need for trusting God in our difficulties.  Video Excerpt: I would like to share […] Read More

From the Cross to Easter Joy in Daily Life

Jesus resurrected

The doorway into Heaven is the Cross. The season of Lent is a journey of the Cross, and the celebration of Easter — deep within our hearts, deep within our needs, within our desires – is meant to be a foretaste of Heaven.  During Lent or any time when […] Read More

Secrets to Success with Young Adults

Will Deatherage, founder of Catholics for Hire

When Terry Modica interviewed on Footsteps to Heaven Will Deatherage, a young entrepreneur who founded Catholics for Hire, she saw a vibrant passion for the Faith. So she asked him: “How did you avoid the traps of lies and evil that have ensnared so many of our young adults?” His […] Read More

Top 10 Episodes Excerpts

top 10 episodes

We’ve reached a milestone! 100 episodes of Footsteps to Heaven! To celebrate, we’ve compiled reels from the top 10 episodes of all time. This 100th episode contains the best of the best according to how often they’ve been viewed and shared. If you want to see the full version of […] Read More

Evangelize your loved ones with the Shroud of Turin

Shroud of Turin documentary

Think of someone you know who’s rejecting Christ and Church, someone who likes taking selfies. “Who Do You Say I Am?” is an important new documentary about the Shroud of Turin. It shows scientifically and from the Catholic perspective why we can be sure that the Shroud of Turin is […] Read More

2 Secrets to Praying When You Don’t Feel Like Praying


How is your prayer life through the difficult times? Have you found that it’s less than it used to be? Maybe you’ve even said, “God’s not answering my prayers, so I might as well quit praying.” If you’ve reached the point where you feel like you can’t pray anymore, this […] Read More

Two stories of healing from father wounds

sad girl longing for her father's love

Melanie Herschorn of “AUTHORity Marketing Live!” interviews Terry Modica In this interview, Terry shares two stories from her life that healed her from father wounds and helped her reach her full potential as a treasured daughter of the Most High Father God. Can you imagine it? She says, “My husband […] Read More