Melanie Herschorn of “AUTHORity Marketing Live!” interviews Terry Modica

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In this interview, Terry shares two stories from her life that healed her from father wounds and helped her reach her full potential as a treasured daughter of the Most High Father God.

Can you imagine it? She says, “My husband needed to teach me how to hug!” Find out how this affected her perception of God. And don’t miss what bowling taught her about God’s Fatherhood.

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Video Excerpt:

I was a young adult, newly married and beginning to analyze my relationship with my father from an adult perspective. Ralph treated me different than my dad. I was deliberately looking for somebody who was different than my father because, in high school psychology class, they talked about how girls end up marrying somebody like “dear old dad”, and I did not want that. Here I was, married to somebody who was quite different, and I was glad for that.

I was now starting to develop spiritually and independently. I started to examine, why did I want to marry somebody so different than my “dear old dad”?

One of the first things that I learned from my husband is how to hug, because my parents (both of my parents, but especially my dad) were not huggers.

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Melanie Herschorn is a Book Marketing Strategist & Coach, Author, and Speaker. If you write nonfiction or children’s books, she wants to make your book and brand shine. She’s on a mission to support and empower her clients to create clear messaging and content that helps them share their mission with the world. Using her unique combination of entrepreneurship, award-winning journalism and PR experience, Melanie guides her clients to create brand awareness, sell books, and position themselves as subject matter experts. 

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