The Meaning of the Crown of Thorns

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In this video, we’re looking at the Third Sorrowful Mystery of the Rosary when Jesus was pierced by the crown of thorns. Now, why was He crowned, first of all? Because He is Christ the King. But why thorns? Because Jesus was being mocked as king.

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Video Excerpt:

Satan, who was working through Jesus’ torturers, was trying to tell the world, including you and me, that Jesus is not a king that we can admire, that we can adore, that we can follow, that we can trust in. Satan was trying to tell the world that Jesus was a king that was being defeated, that was weak, that could be crushed.

But in fact, what was actually happening was that the world was being shown that Jesus was one of us — Christ is a king who does not lord it over us, but a king who cares about us, who suffers with us. He wanted to be one of us so that when He rises above it He could take us with Him. When He rises to His victory, we could rise with Him. This is the secret that Satan didn’t understand and doesn’t want the world to know.

What are the ways that our thoughts are pierced by the world, pierced with the lies that the world wants us to believe? Or, what are the ways that others try to pierce us with a crown of thorns by telling us lies, or by belittling us, by telling us things that are meant to slow us down and stop us from speaking the truth, or stop us from moving forward in the plan that God has for us, a calling that He has for us? Every way that people confuse us and hurt our thinking, they are placing a crown of thorns upon us.

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