The Power of the Blood from the Crown of Thorns

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Now we’re going to think more deeply about the crown of thorns that Jesus suffered on Good Friday. Think of the part of His body that was attacked during this particular torture. It was His head, right? The head is where we think. The crown of thorns represents the damage that the world has tried to do to the Body of Christ on Earth by piercing our thoughts with lies. And the power of His blood, which came from the piercing of his head, can deliver us from those lies.

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Video Excerpt:

We all have thorns in our lives that we’ve accepted from the world, that we are, with the world, embedding into Jesus’ head. He is still suffering. Any way that we damage the thought processes of someone else, we are driving another thorn into Jesus’ head. And Jesus is bleeding again, there is another drop of blood streaming down His face. Why does He allow this? Why did He allow it on Good Friday? Because everyone of those drops of blood is redemptive.

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