Jesus Helps You Carry Your Crosses

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Jesus is with you when you carry your crosses. And you are with Jesus, helping him carry His Cross. That’s what we are going to look at during this session. The cross that you’re carrying is anything that is a burden, anything that is difficult, anything that involves suffering in an ongoing way, something more than just a momentary discomfort or a momentary attack against us — anything that we have to endure in order to reach something good, a benefit, the other end of this long journey.

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Video Excerpt:

Sometimes our crosses seem light, but let me tell you, this is because you have gotten strong enough. You’re so used to carrying the cross that your faith muscles have grown strong and so the burden seems light. It’s also lighter because Jesus is carrying the cross with you, and your faith in Him has grown to the point that you’ve actually given more of it over to Him, and your faith has made it seem a lot lighter than it is. So whatever your cross, whether it feels heavy or light, Jesus is helping you carry it.

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