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In this episode, we consider: Where did we lose Jesus? Using John 20:1-2, 11-18, let’s discover how to find him when he seems to be missing when we need him most. Terry demonstrates her favorite technique for becoming more aware of the goodness of God actively working in our lives. And join us in a prayer by Ralph at the end to bring healing to your vision so you can see Jesus more easily.

Video Excerpt:

I think we all experience that sometimes: We’re in a difficult situation and we ask the Lord for help and he doesn’t seem to be there for us. Or we’ve gone through a very rough time and we forgot to ask for his help but looking back we’re wondering, where was Jesus? Or somebody does something to us — they betray us, they hurt us, they make our lives difficult, and we are all tensed up, and we can’t forgive them because what they did was so terrible, and — where’s Jesus in that? Why didn’t he rescue us from those people

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