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Are you suffering persecution because of the truths you believe? This episode of Good News for Today, which is based on John 10:26-34 and John 15:18-21, will embolden you as you hear the calling to be the voice of Christ in today’s world, and it will comfort you as you become aware of God’s concern for and approval of you.

If you have experienced what Terry and Ralph Modica talk about in this video, please share your testimony in the comments section below. Your story can encourage others who are struggling to deal with persecution.

Video Excerpt:

When they understood that, in his saying things they didn’t want to hear, he really was looking out for what’s best for them, and he was able to explain why it was best for them, he won them over and he was able to accomplish what he was called to do. The same thing works with us — in our family situations, at our work, anything that has to do with being Christ and being counter-cultural in a world that does not want to be imitating Christ, following Christ and listening to the teachings — let alone obeying — the teachings of God.

Who are Terry & Ralph Modica?

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