How surrendering helps our prayer life

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Do you know how to pray in the power of the Holy Spirit? One of the supernatural manifestations of the Holy Spirit is the gift of tongues. What’s the purpose for it? It is a sign that we are surrendering to the Holy Spirit. How does it help us to experience more of the Holy Spirit’s power and help?

The Holy Spirit manifests the power of God in ways such as speaking in tongues and praying in tongues. Tongues is all about surrendering. It is a sign that we are surrendering again to the Holy Spirit. We are saying, “Come, Holy Spirit, renew me. Come, Holy Spirit, you have my permission to change me.”…

Even praying in song is meant to be surrender. Praying in song for worship is something that we do with our hearts, not just our voices, in order to connect ourselves more fully to God by surrendering to him. Praise and worship songs are very good at this. We have many good hymns, too. “Amazing Grace.” “How Great Thou Art”: “O Lord, my God! How great Thou art!” These are songs of surrender, and the more we pay attention to the words and imagine that God is listening to us — because he is — the more we use song as a gift that we give to God, the more we are surrendering ourselves to God and connecting to him. And he responds. Every time we surrender to God, God responds to us and fills us more.

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