When Praying is Difficult

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What happens when you’re too tired to pray? Or when you’re struggling with a challenge or troubles, and you feel anger or depression or other strong, negative emotions? How do we discern the presence of the Holy Spirit when praying is difficult?

Video Excerpt:

When we’re tired is the wrong time to make a decision. So if we are seeking God’s will (as we always should when there’s a decision to be made), if we’re tired the best way to pray is, “Lord, I’m just going to go to sleep tonight. I’m just going to take a nap. I’m just going to rest. I’m just going to go away on a little getaway vacation. I’m just going to go out for a walk in nature.” (Whatever’s going to restore us.) “I’m just going to go do that and take care of my tiredness. Help me to be re-energized. Help me to be restored, and You take care of everything else. Help me to know after I’m rested what the answer to this is, what decision I should make.”

And then you let it go. Don’t try to make the decision at that time. Don’t try to figure out the puzzle at that time. Don’t try to figure out what to do in something that’s disturbing you at that time. Don’t try to figure out how to win an argument at that time.

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