Praying with Scripture

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One of the most powerful ways to pray is by using scripture. Powerful prayer can be simply just speaking or even meditating on an inspiring or consoling passage of scripture.  God’s Word is all powerful, always.

Video Excerpt:

The Word of God! We have in our hands the Word of God. And what God says, happens. It’s like, God spoke and it came into being (from Genesis). It’s God’s Word! There is no lie in it. There is no falsehood. There is no powerlessness in it. Whatever God says never comes back to him void. That means that God’s Word always bears fruit. Always.

For example, we have here in Colossians Chapter 1, starting with verse 9, something called (subtitled), “The Prayer of Continued Progress.” So, let’s say that you know somebody who is not making any progress in their spiritual life. They’ve stopped going to church, for example. The scripture can become a prayer in order to have power in your prayer life. So I’ll read it first the way it’s written, and then I’ll read it to show you, as an example, how it becomes a prayer.

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