The 3 Ingredients of a Miracle

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There are three important ingredients for obtaining a miracle. This video explains what they are and why.

Video Excerpt:

We can’t talk about praying in the power of the Holy Spirit without talking about miracles. There are three ingredients to obtaining a miracle. The first is praise and worship. The second is community. And the third is obedience. I’m going to touch on each of those now.

First of all, praise and worship – singing, praising, praising the Lord in worship, which is best done through song – it is most fully done through song. It goes deepest into us if we are singing our hearts out, so to speak. If we are singing because we are truly wanting to praise God and the words of the song are meaningful to us, because we’re paying attention to the words and the meaning for our own lives or for the situation about which we’re praying. Praise and worship like this opens us up to the power of the Holy Spirit. It connects our spirit to Heaven. It connects our spirit to the glory of God. It connects our spirit to the power of God. It connects our spirit to everything that is of God.

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