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Quick Faith-builders with Terry Modica

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Daily Good News Reflections

Hear 5-minute reflections on the readings of daily Catholic Mass (Sunday through Friday). These popular daily reflections make the scriptures meaningful for your everyday life.

Footsteps to Heaven

Life’s a journey full of challenges. Sometimes we get stalled. Sometimes we get sidetracked. When we walk with Jesus in the power of the Holy Spirit to the destination that God the Father designed for us, the results are better than we could ask for or imagine. The Footsteps to Heaven podcast series provides faith-builders based on what GNM founder/author/speaker, Terry Modica, has learned from her own journey and what people tell us they’re seeking in their daily struggles. It comes straight from her heart.

The Good News Show

Purpose: To help you live your best faith. Included are series with 5 to 6 minutes of inspirational teachings, single episodes on different topics to build your faith, and interviews that will uplift you and strengthen your own resolve to depend on God in all the challenges of life.

Want to know the hidden key to receiving miraculous healing? Here’s what I discovered after my knee became chronically painful. It’s not really about finding relief from pain. The miracle of healing is a bonus, a secondary benefit. There’s something much more important that God wants to give you.

We’ve learned truths about the Faith, but it’s only head knowledge until we can move it to the heart where we trust it. We don’t like to act on a truth unless we first understand it, and understanding comes from the heart. Here’s a simple truth about how to move from the head to the heart. (Hint: Matthew 7:24)

Do you know how much your Father God loves you? Really, really, really loves you?! Usually we don’t know that, because we project onto God the way human fathers have been, the way authority figures have been, the human failings that we’ve witnessed. Do you think God is disapproving of your sins? Do you think he is accusing you? The truth might surprise you. To understand God the Father better, watch this video.

What does the Parable of Sowing Seeds (Matthew 13) tell us about God’s character? And about our calling as Christians? When we see the farmer (God) casting seeds even on bad soil, it seems to contradict Jesus’ command to not cast our pearls before swine (Matthew 7:6). Let’s take a closer look!

The key to successful Christian living is know the answer to: “How important am I, and why? What’s my purpose?” What are your dreams? What are God’s dreams for you? To figure that out, consider: What impassions you? What energizes you? You have been chosen by Christ to be empowered by the Spirit! But … for what?

This video is a 12-minute excerpt of a Parish Retreat on the Apostolate of the Laity. For information on bringing this to your community, see https://gnm.org/event-topics/

This video is produced by Good News Ministries, the Catholic center for daily growth in Christ. What do you want to discover today? Visit us at https://gnm.org

In Luke 9, the Transfiguration of Jesus, we see Him reveal the uncreated light of his true identity and we hear the Father say, “This is my chosen Son; Listen to Him.” We experience Christ’s deepest identity every time we listen to him and allow the Holy Spirit to enlighten our understanding of his words and guidance. By listening to him, we let his uncreated light consume the darkness that still lingers within us. Then, the people around us experience more of him, because they meet him in us — in our actions, in our compassion, in our forgiveness, etc. This is evangelization!


The Transcript

In the Gospel of Luke, chapter 9, starting with verse 28 and ending with 36 we see Jesus revealed the uncreated light of his true identity and we hear the Father say, “This is my chosen Son, listen to him.” We experience Christ’s deepest identity every time we listen to him and allow His Holy Spirit to enlighten our understanding of his words and guidance. By listening to him we let his uncreated light consume the darkness that still lingers within us. Then the people around us experience more of him because they meet him in us. In our actions, in our compassion, in our forgiveness, and so forth. This is evangelization.

The spiritual journey is a time and effort, a program of concentrating on our need for Christ and to shed his light into our areas of darkness. When we let Jesus enlighten us so that we repent, which means change, seeking and receiving forgiveness and the Holy Spirit’s power to change we become more like Christ. We shine more brilliantly with him and we enter more fully into his ministry of redeeming the world. Although there is suffering in this ministry we know that the pain of every Good Friday we experience is always followed by a victory of Easter. It’s in the trials and sacrifices of life, our own crucifixions, in other words, where our holiness changes the world.

Do we dare follow Jesus all the way to Calvary? It’s the only way to get to an Easter experience. Our trials are his blood being shed again, our pains are his pains. We’re already on the cross with Jesus, so why not embrace this extreme intimacy with him for the sake of those who’ve scourged us and betrayed us? By loving those who don’t love us, forgiving those who mistreat us and working hard to replace evil with the Kingdom of God we reveal the light of Christ to those who live in darkness.

So let me ask you some questions to reflect on. Think of a Redemption you’ve experienced, an area of darkness in your life that Jesus shed his light upon when he inspired you to repent. How has this change increased your holiness? What is he inviting you to change now? Something that’s been difficult to look at or hard to overcome. What would you like to hear from Jesus that will help you turn this darkness into holiness? After you figure this out take it to the Sacrament of Reconciliation. And one final food for thought, why is the Passion of Christ your passion? What crosses are you carrying that you hope will help Christ redeem the world from sin and darkness? How does your cross purify your own holiness?


Saint Paul had a passion for doing God’s work. What do you feel passionate about? That’s the secret to success!

Think about Saint Paul for a minute. What word comes to mind as you think about him? What word best describes him? For me, it’s the word “passion.” Paul was very passionate about what he believed in and therefore passionate about what he did with it.

Passion, I believe, is what empowers us, what makes life successful. When you find what you are impassioned about, and you discover how God wants to use your gifts and talents in that passionate energy, you can make a difference in the world, and it’s a much more enjoyable way and a much more fulfilling way to live. Even the challenges we face become something that we have the energy to get through.

So let me ask you: What are you passionate about?

Are you wondering what God wants you to do about difficult relationships? What’s the holy and healthy way to deal with someone who is hurtful, abusive, or alcoholic? People often write to me asking, “How do I handle this relationship? There’s something unhealthy in this relationship, but I need to do something to try to make it work, because isn’t that what God wants? I want to have healing, I want to have reconciliation, I want things to get better, I want that person to be happier, holier, healthier, I want our relationship to be happy, healthy, holy. And didn’t Jesus say that we are to love our enemies and to love even when they seem unlovable? Does this mean staying in the relationship, keep trying, even in a self-sacrificing way? The answer is NO. This video explains the importance of putting up boundaries while continuing to offer love and helpfulness.

This excerpt on Pope Francis’ apostolic exhortation, “The Joy of Love”, is from Session 1 of our Good News Ministries video course. For couples and parents but also anyone in a position or opportunity to help others understand the Catholic Church’s teachings on marriage and family — especially because of today’s world where secular and immoral beliefs about marriage and family have become louder than the truth.

To see the full course, go to https://gnm.org/paracletia-course-desc….

Terry Modica tells the story of a miracle that Saint Joseph provided for her family, and then she explains how much Jesus cares about us, using Matthew 12:1-8 and Isaiah 38:6. (Filmed in the remote village of San José in Panama.)

How to be successful in faith. While we’re waiting on God to answer our prayers, we often become our own worst enemies by thinking that we have to retreat to our comfort zones instead of boldly trusting in God. God’s solutions to our problems are usually not in our comfort zones.

Feeling low about yourself? Using the dialog between Jesus and the rich young man in Matthew 19, let’s explore the goodness that’s within you! This scripture about the rich young man isn’t really about giving up all our possessions. Find out what Jesus is really saying!

The story in Mark 2 about the healing of the paralytic, who was lowered through the roof to Jesus by four friends, illustrates the need we all have for friends. Terry Modica describes the four personality types that bring out the best in us.

Terry Modica’s personal testimony about how she became Catholic, how Good News Ministries has grown because of the Holy Spirit, and how she became connected with the Paulist Fathers. This video is an opportunity to recognize how the Holy Spirit has acted in your own life. (Filmed during the National Paulist Associates Retreat of February 2011.)